FrameworkFlow & FrameworkPOD Now Available on Apple and Google Play.

FrameworkLTC - May 16, 2022

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SoftWriters is excited to announce that FrameworkFlow and FrameworkPOD are now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Both apps will continue to deliver the same high-quality experience you have come to love but will now be easier to update and access.

What Is FrameworkFlow?

FrameworkFlow™ from SoftWriters adds user mobility with barcode scanning and connectivity to the FrameworkLTC platform. With FrameworkFlow your pharmacy staff can work anywhere in the pharmacy, using any supported device to perform their workflow tasks more accurately and efficiently.

Download FrameworkFlow on Apple

Download FrameworkFlow on Google

What Is FrameworkPOD?

FrameworkPOD adds a complete delivery solution to the FrameworkLTC platform to improve your long-term care pharmacy operations and compliance and gives you all the tools you need to optimize operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Download FrameworkPOD on Apple

Download FrameworkPOD on Google

Version Considerations & Notes

To ensure the best experience, we recommend that you be on the most recent version of our software and follow our guidelines below.

** Please make sure to have your API URL ready after the installation. You can find your URL on the "Manage Instances" page within your existing application.

api url fwpod-1api url fwflow-1

** Please uninstall any older versions you have the apps on your devices before installing the new app store versions.
** You will not be able to search for the apps on the Apple App Store like you would on Google Play. Please use the link above or request access from support.

Application Version
FrameworkAPI 1.00.0040


If you are already a FrameworkFlow or FrameworkPOD customer, having the ability to download them directly from both Apple and Google’s app stores means faster and more reliable updates with less work involved. We encourage you to get your app today by clicking one of the links above.

Ready to introduce FrameworkFlow or FrameworkPOD into your pharmacy? Request more information.