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LTC Pharmacy Software and Fax Solutions: Key Integration Benefits

Faxing may seem like an outdated and inefficient practice—but however old-school it may seem, it is ...

Courtney Hetler-Findlay — June 17, 2021

How Electronic Content Management is More than Just Document Tracking

In many ways, you can think of FrameworkLTC as being on the front lines of the order life cycle in ...

Courtney Hetler-Findlay — June 9, 2021

5 Ways FrameworkECM Can Help Lighten Staff Workload

FrameworkECM can ease the burden of summer schedules and PTO by eliminating manual touches in your ...

Nicole Warehime — February 28, 2019

Save Time and Add Consistency with FrameworkECM Workflows

FrameworkECM offers many benefits to your pharmacy, including the ability to create workflows to ...

Nicole Warehime — June 4, 2018