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Generic Drugs Used to Be Simple

Understanding Generic Drugs Generic drugs used to be simple, right? You had a brand name drug, and ...

Mark Fulton — April 24, 2023

Vaccine management remains high priority even as pandemic wanes

It is anticipated that United States public health emergency (PHE) declaration for the COVID-19 ...

Mark Fulton — February 13, 2023

Is butalbital a controlled substance? It's complicated...

The New Year is upon us and 2023 has already delivered some regulatory news that’s worth sharing.

Mark Fulton — January 23, 2023

Reporting Pharmacy Errors – Safety in the Spotlight

“There’s been a mistake.”

Mark Fulton — December 19, 2022

Have You Queried the PDMP Today?

Reporting prescription information to the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a ...

Mark Fulton — December 16, 2022

Unpacking the Inflation Reduction Act

H.R. 5376, also known as the Inflation Reduction Act, is a recent milestone legislation, with ...

Mark Fulton — October 17, 2022

How Can Clearinghouse Partnerships Support Medical Billing in the Pharmacy?

What does it take to get a paid claim for a prescription? Ask any pharmacy billing specialist and ...

Mark Fulton — August 22, 2022

FDA Issues Final Rule on OTC Hearing Aids

Did you hear the news? On August 16th, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final rule ...

Mark Fulton — August 17, 2022

FDA approves Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine

On July 13th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) ...

Mark Fulton — July 20, 2022

SCOTUS Decision Good News for 340B Facilities

On June 16th, the Supreme Court unanimously decided that CMS had exceeded its authority in 2018 and ...

Mark Fulton — July 14, 2022